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Kordl™ (5C Green)

Stops tangled earbuds. Forever!


We've all experienced the frustrations that surround the hassle of taking our headphones out from our pockets, purses, or cluttered computer bags, only to be greeted by a tangled mess of wires. Kordl 2 is here to the rescue.


The magic behind Kordl 2 is our Rubber Band vs. Spaghetti Theory. Imagine reaching into a bowl full of spaghetti and trying to pull out a single strand -- it's very difficult and the spaghetti strands often get tangled together. Now imagine reaching into a box full of rubber bands and pulling out a single band -- the rubber band is much easier because it's a continuous loop, unlike the spaghetti strand that's open-ended. We discovered that keeping your cords in a closed loop prevents tangles. Simple yet effective.


Answer calls faster with Kordl 2, which has the quickest cord deployment time out of any other cord management producton the market. Unlike its sluggish competitors that require you to wrap your cords after use and unwrap before use, Kordl 2 requires no wrapping or unwrapping. Just clip it, stuff it, pull it apart, and you're ready to go.


In the world of tech accessories where smaller is better, Kordl 2 is the smallest cord management product on the market. Yet it's big enough for those chubby fingers and so you won't lose it.

Have You Heard?

Cult of Mac -- "Makes quick work of detangling your earphones."

Popular Mechanics -- "Make your coil even more foolproof."

Phone Arena -- "We've all come to experience the frustrations that surround the hassle of taking out our headphones from our pockets and bags -- only to be greeted by a tangled mess of wires. Kordl is coming to the rescue."


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