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Thanks to our patent pending "twist-and-lock" mechanism, Kordl 2 attaches securely onto the base of your earbud cords right next to the plug.

Snake your cord through the locking channel, positioning the plug close to the edge of Kordl 2.

Squeeze your cord into the channel so your cord becomes completely straight, as shown below:

Once installed, Kordl 2 discreetly resides here by the plug for the life of your earbuds.

Once you've finished rocking out or chatting it up (for now), simply press your earbud cords into the grooves, like so:

Now you're ready to stash away your earbuds. No need to waste time wrapping them. Just ball them up and stuff them away like you always wanted to. 

When you pull them back out, just grab Kordl with one hand and pull your earbuds apart with the other. Couldn't be easier. Watch John do it:


Kordl 2 is reusable, so when you get that next pair of earbuds just uninstall Kordl 2 and reinstall onto your new buds.